Lasergraph was born in 2004 when some of our furniture restoration customers wanted extras on their furniture. We had fun working out designs (some of them quite outrageous) but at the end of the day the customer was very happy. Lasergraph eventually took over the furniture business and 18 months ago we bought the machinery home so we could work longer hours.

In preparing this website we have tried to make everything as clear as possible so that your visit to Lasergraph is a pleasant experience. We offer a range of items but the choice is yours and if you want something unique to yourself or whoever you want to make a gift for your own words, like some cheeky mate who needs reminding of some of his past antics, on a special plaque, so the message gets to him, a set of coasters, a 21st key, a wedding momento, a wooden pens with a name on it, a corporate gift, we can work with you to get the design you want.